Welcome to beautiful White Island Pond. One of three joined ponds, the waters are host to boating, swimming and some of the best freshwater fishing in the area. The Association is a non-profit organization formed to protect the residents of the region. Membership is required to access the pond.  Our pond is tested by WIPCA every week to assure the water is safe for all.

Newletters have been mailed. Contact Anne Tobin (atobin5@verizon.net) if you need a copy. An electronic version will be posted.

Check out the internet radio station called PondTunes that plays a random mix of all that blues/rock/reggae/oldies music:  http://www.radionomy.com/en/radio/pondtunes  – Thanks Kenny Beal and Christo Darsch for sharing your creation!


President:   Jim Kelly   (508)269-7557       j.kelly@verizon.net

Vice. Pres.: Joanne Vallie  (508) 291-4216

Treasurer:  Anne Tobin     (508)494-4502   atobin5@verizon.net

Secretary:  Heather Tripp – whiteislandshores@gmail.com

Harbormaster:  Shaun Kelly (774)259-4873   kellyplu1@gmail.com

Have something to add to the website? Contact:  whiteislandshores@gmail.com

Home to seasonal and year-round members, our Association boundaries run both sides of Plymouth Avenue from Plymouth town line to Ashberry Road, both sides of Ashberry Road to Hunter Avenue, and both sides of Hunter Avenue from Ashberry Road to the lake’s edge.

WISCA Boundaries



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