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WIPCA Update 2014

White Island Pond’s water quality is a problem; this is due to nutrient-driven algal blooms. The sediments of the pond have been gathering nutrients due to human impacts for over a century. Specific strategies to address a lake’s nutrient enrichment problems must focus on activities in the watershed and, if needed, in-lake restoration techniques. Lake management approaches fall into two categories:

• A short-term solution such as the application of algaecides to kill unwanted algae. This approach treats the biological symptoms but does not address the underlying causes of these symptoms.

• Long-term management considers the environmental, cultural, and biological factors affecting the lake and sets a priority on finding lasting solutions. Lake management is complicated and requires a coordinated effort of community groups, individuals, landowners, and government. Those involved must commit to long-term strategies and investment.
The White Island Pond Conservation Alliance has been working on long-term solutions for water clarity for the last several years. We have worked with neighbors like you, the cranberry growers, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

It was concluded that an Aluminum Sulfate application is the best solution for water clarity. How long the treatment lasts depends on many factors. Some ponds enjoy over 20 years of clarity while others just over 10 years.

This treatment comes with a monetary commitment of $30,000 from the Alliance and $270,000 from the cranberry growers. An average donation of $150.00 per household is needed by September. We understand that some people can give more and some cannot afford to give at all. Please consider how much you enjoy the pond and what it has to offer before making your donation. All monies will go towards cleaning the lake now and for future generations.

Your contribution may be made to
White Island Pond Conservation Alliance (W.I.P.C.A.)
PO BOX 844, East Wareham, MA 02538

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